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Parador Travel was an independent London agency located in Fleet Street, opposite St Dunstans in the West.   

I worked there from 1980 until 1998 when the Business Travel section moved to City Road.

The mainstay of the shop in the mid-90's were these fine ladies, Carole O'Brien, Christine Fahey, Tracey Elliott and Janet Port.   Sadly Christine passed away whilst on holiday a year or so later at a comparatively young age.  Still missed by the rest of us.


The agency was later sold to a chain, and one by one we all moved on.

However, we still have reunions from time to time, this being one in 2003.

Alongside myself is Carole [by now remarried] Short, and Colin Tait.   Behind are Anne Xxxxx, Sandra Bosch, Peter Walker and Janet Port.   It must be the onset of Alzheimer's makes me forget Anne's surname [it was foreign-sounding]

Peter was our accountant and regrettably died in 2005.

I am still avoiding the Grim Reaper! 



Here are some of the ladies again for our latest reunion.

Tracey Elliott, Janet Port, Anne AndiƧ [no wonder I couldn't remember her name previously!] and Lisa Young [nowadays married and a Holbrook-Young].

A Parador bag appears at the back to remind us of the good old days.

There are others that we no longer are in contact with but are remembered just the same.

Who could forget one of our former juniors Dermot Shanahan, seen here holding our much-loved sticky letter board.
  And here is Tracey Large who by marrying a chap called Greenhouse, gave rise to a famous newspaper announcement under the heading Large - Greenhouse.

Janet lurks in the background.

  To the left is Penny Galvin from Blackfen, therefore nicknamed Blackfen Pen.

To the right we have Alan Kelson who started working for Parador even before I arrived there in 1980.
Here Christine and I indulge in one of our favourite pastimes, eating.

Parador staff always enjoyed 'Bun Days', an institution started by the founders of the agency Mira & Tony Rocca.