The Website of Tia Maria Jim

I was born in Camberwell in my Grandparent's house in Bushey Hill Road.

Even though I now live in London the majority of my life has been spent in St Albans, pronounced by locals as Snorbans. 

I was never accepted as a true Albanian by the locals as I wasn't born there, having arrived there at the age of seven days! 

Until I married I lived in Linden Crescent and as a result was initially educated at Fleetville School.

I was recruited as a chorister into the Abbey choir, and whilst there was lucky enough to win a scholarship to St Albans School, a good thing as I knew some of the scholars there before I started. 

Being in the choir got me interested in singing, a pursuit I still follow with a Gilbert & Sullivan society, the South Anglia Savoy Players.  We performed 'Yeoman of the Guard' on 7th August 2008 as an adjudicated performance at the International G&S Festival in Buxton and were runners-up.  This year it was 'Iolanthe' but I was not amongst the performers, I'm now too decrepit for the stage.

My first job was with Thomas Cook the travel agent, and I have  always worked in that industry until I retired.

I did two years National Service in the Royal Air Force, most of the time at Pembroke Dock, home to Sunderland flying boats. 

Whilst on the subject of St Albans, besides being an interesting city for its history and architecture, it's also a great place for drinking proper beers, notably in the Mermaid, the Farmers Boy and in the White Lion.  The Lower Red Lion is not quite so good these days but still worth a visit.  There's quite a few other good ones as well.

More about St Albans on my St Albans page.