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This particular ticket was issued on the 20th October 1888 during the time that Jack the Ripper was active in London.

[Gower Street station is now named Euston Square]


The person who bought this ticket on 27th December 1904 paid a fare of one penny.

Over 100 years later for anyone without an Oyster Card this journey now costs £4, nearly a thousand times more!

 Up to 1941 the Metropolitan had two classes on their trains, as did the District until 1940.

The ticket illustrated here was issued at Praed Street, then the name for the Circle Line platforms at Paddington.  The Hammersmith & City platforms were known as Bishop's Road.

The last four stations to which this ticket was valid were ordinary tube stations so the first class accommodation was only available up to the changing point.  Any traveller then would have had to complete their journey with the peasants.

As a side note, it's not generally known that the Metropolitan also ran two Pullman coaches on their main line service to Aylesbury between 1910 and 1939. 

I've never seen a ticket for it however.