The Website of Tia Maria Jim

Why Tia Maria Jim?

One of the main interests in my life is drinking beers of different types and I go to many different pubs and Beer Festivals in order to do so.    I also sing with Gilbert and Sullivan opera societies.

A visit to the Waterford Festival in 2005 where real ale is unknown meant drinking a quantity of Guinness.

One of our party started drinking this with a shot of Tia Maria added, which apparently his mates in Thurrock consume.

At the time I found this to be quite a pleasant drink.

Sadly once back in London I tried one in the Market Porter, and was discovered enjoying it by one of my drinking buddies.

I have not been allowed to forget this since, even the beer brewed by Mighty Oak for my 70th birthday was named TMJ.

Whilst on the subject of beer, my favourite pubs in London are the Market Porter by Borough Market and the Wenlock Arms off City Road.  If I want to eat I will always go to the Royal Oak near Borough Station.

Many beer drinkers try to sample as many different ales as possible.  This is known as 'ticking' or 'scooping' and can become obsessive behaviour.  I am not quite as desperate as some, I record the beers I drink, and refer to this as 'pen testing', and have noted over 5000 different names over the last five years.  I will always try a new brewery's product when available but am quite happy to consume old favourites.

There is a relationship between drink enthusiasts and transport enthusiasts and there are many people I converse with regularly that visit good pubs in London.  At most festivals I visit I am bound to meet drinkers that I know and can chat with about beer, trains and buses.  All in all it's a friendly pastime.