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I intend eventually to illustrate many types of transport ticket including those from railways, buses and trams.

For the time being, some of the other pages on this website show some examples of rail tickets and some road tickets are shown below.

More will follow ......


During World War One tram tickets were printed devoid of route numbers or details and here is an example.

The fare of ½d, equivalent to 0.02 pence, is remarkable and was possibly a child fare.

The basic adult tram fare at this time was one penny.


Here is a transfer ticket from route 66.

Not sure how these worked as that route to my knowledge did not go to Ilford Broadway or Barking.

Nevertheless an uncommon type of ticket.



Red London buses have served St Albans for nearly a century and route 84 brought day trippers out into the country, especially at weekends.

The fare all the way from Golders Green was one shilling.

As a beer drinker this ticket particularly pleases me as it has an advertisement for Watney's Ales on the reverse.

 Like the preceding bus ticket, this tram ticket dates from the 1920's.