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Eventually I shall put all sorts of things on this page connected with the operatic societies I have sung with.

In the meantime here are the words written for me by Rudolph [the Bexley Beer Festival organiser] for me to sing in the Wenlock Arms pub for the occasion of my 72nd birthday.

Pretty clever I think!

I am the very model of a beer afficionad-e-o
I’ve information of the beers, the pubs and also where to go
I know the brews of England, Wales and Scotland alphabetical
From Orkney down to Cornwall I’m the CAMRA drinker’s oracle
I’m very well acquainted with the hops of all variety
Cascade, galena, saaz and perle, I’ve seldom seen sobriety
About the bars I know a lot, I’m teeming with a lot of news
With many cheerful facts about Real Ale and also what to choose 


There’s Adnams and there’s Ballards, Cains, Dark Star, Exmoor all good for you
There’s Foxfield, Goachers, Hammerpot, Iceni and the Jarrow Brew
There’s Kelham Island, Ludlow, Mighty Oak, Northern there’s more to come
There’s Oakham, Pictish, Quartz and Ramsbury and also Specterum
Theakstons, Ulverston, Valhalla, Wadworth, sadly seems there is no X
Without all this Real Ale around there really would be little sex
There’s Yorkshire Dales, Zero Degrees a thousand more and most a gem
Of course there is the Greene King but I really shouldn’t mention them 


I’m very good at differentiating Real Ales out aloud
But after several pints unlike the beer my memory starts to cloud
In short in matters beer related of the pubs and where to go
I am the very model of a beer afficiond-e-o 


There’s Abbeydale, Bath Ales, Cairngorm, Digfield , Enville oh how we gloat
There’s Fallen Angel, Grainstore, Harveys, Isle of Skye and Jolly Boat
There’s Kelburn, Leadmill, Malvern Hills, Northumberland and Organic
Pitfield, Quantock, Red Rock, Sambrooks or sink a pint of Titanic
Uncle Stuarts, Ventnor, Westerham but no beer that’s been X-rated
Youngs, Zero Degrees, again are they Real Ale it’s been debated???
I’ll find many more around and keep searching without a problem
Coz with this Greene King Ale around could nearly be the end of them 


My notes are hieroglyphic in my notebook so specific
And from comments, bad, appalling, crap to ‘on form’ and terrific
In short in matters beer related of the pubs and where to go
I am the very model of a beer afficionad-e-o