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After my divorce I had to leave my marital home and could not afford to live in St Albans as the cost of property was so high.

With my half-share of the worth of my former home I had to find somewhere else to live where I could get an affordable mortgage.  At the time I had a girlfriend who rented a room in Wanstead so I was familiar with the area.  My finances determined I should find accommodation this side of London and after looking at potential homes in Leyton and Leytonstone I found a flat away from the centre of Wanstead in an area I found much more agreeable than the afore-mentioned places.  Here I still am.

My local bus route is the 101 which has run to Wanstead from the North Woolwich area for well over 90 years. 

Here is a photo of a Dennis Trident at the stand in Woodbine Place.

This is the current northern terminus, although in former times Wanstead buses terminated at the George Hotel.

In the days before general car ownership the route was extended to Lambourne End on Summer weekends to let Londoners enjoy a day in the country.

 One day in 2003 a Routemaster in Green Line livery was running on the 101.

I was lucky enough to be out with my camera, so I got over to a traffic island in order to snap it.

I can't remember why it was running that day [along with a few other unusual buses] but I think it was something to do with the garage at Upton Park losing its Routemasters on their route 15.

more photos to follow ....